DIDYMOS Woven Baby Wrap

It all started with the woven wrap. A simple, yet woven very specifically, piece of cloth has become the most versatile, most comfortable baby carrier on the market today. Innovative features, perfected by DIDYMOS since 1972.

DidySling Ring Sling

No need for knots or tying with the simple addition of rings. The DidySling is created using the same woven wrap textiles, bringing a baby carrier that is convenient, fully adjustable, from the newborn stage and beyond.

Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai)

DIDYMOS has something for everyone. The Meh-Dai offers a carrier with some structure. A panel and straps make this carrier very easy to use all while maintaining the qualities of a woven wrap in terms of feel. adjustability and mouldability.

DidyKlick Half-Buckle Carrier

There is no denying that some people just prefer buckles for their ease and familiarity. The DidyKlick by DIDYMOS offers a buckle at the waistband but the comfort and flexibility of wrap fabric for shoulder straps. Simply cross them, spread them, tie them!

DidyGo Onbuhimo

This Japanesse-style baby carrier has no waistband and offer the ultimate ease in carrying older babies for back carries. Simple to use, compact for easy transport, ideal for babywearing while pregnant since there is no waistband.

Babywearing Gear

Along with exceptional baby carriers comes a few accessories that can make any babywearing outing a little more comfortable in shielding baby from the elements.


All DIDYMOS baby carriers are backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty against any defects. All carriers undergo rigourous testing throughout the entire manufacturing process and exceed all Canada / USA industry regulation standards.

Family Run Since 1972

DIDYMOS was founded in 1972 by Erika Hoffmann after the birth of her twins. She sought a tool that would help her perfectly care for her babies. Inspired by ancient traditions of carrying cloths, the DIDYMOS Woven Wrap was developed!

Becoming a DIDYMOS Vendor

We are always welcoming new vendors and are happy to provide supporting materials in the forms of posters, flyers, and personalised support.