The high quality woven fabric that is used for DIDYMOS baby wraps is also used to make DidySlings. A ring sling may not be as versatile as a classic baby wrap however, it is very convenient and easy to use. The ease of being able to pop baby in and out quickly makes this a very popular method of carrying baby! It is an excellent carrier for newborns and for quick “ups & downs” with toddlers. The process is simple: thread the fabric through the rings (this only needs to be done with the first wear!), slip the sling over your head and onto the shoulder, place baby inside, and tighten the fabric through the rings. Ring slings are much appreciated for their ease of use and the DidySling offers the same qualities as found in DIDYMOS woven wraps in terms of support, diagonal stretch, durability and high quality.

The DidySling makes it easy to carry baby in front, on the hip and even at the back. To create the DidySling, the fabric is simply gathered around the rings and sewn together. The gathered “shoulder style” conforms ideally to any shoulder size and type and is very comfortable. The DidySling is recommended for a front carry only until baby has adequate core, neck and head control, before transitioning to any hip and back carries. The DidySling is made with 87 mm aluminium rings (individually pull tested to 250 lbs) and the final sling is tested to carry babies up to 35 lbs. One can successfully carry baby from the newborn stage right to toddler and preschool age! All DidySlings are made in Germany, the home base of DIDYMOS.

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