What should I look out for when buying a baby carrier?

A baby carrier is going to hold the most precious gift in the world and so it is only natural that parents have high expectations. The best baby carrier must be inherently mouldable to properly support baby, but must not wear out. It should be durable and tear-resistant, but must not too heavy or too cumbersome. A well-used baby carrier will need washed throughout its use so it should be easy to wash. It must long-lasting and maintain its shape. Also of importance, since babies suck on the fabric, it must be free from any unsafe dyes or chemicals. DIDYMOS meets all of these requirements for all of their baby carriers by only using non-contaminated raw materials which are cultivated under strict organic conditions, and ensuring that all materials are processed in safe, healthy way.

Points to consider when purchasing a baby carrier:

  • The sling should feel nice and soft.
  • The fabric should stretch diagonally, but be horizontally and vertically stable to cover and support baby’s back.
  • The material should be tear-resistant.
  • The fibers should be colorfast.
  • The sling should be easily machine washable.
  • The selvages along all edges should be double rolled.
  • The sling should be the right size.
  •  All the raw materials should be cultivated under controlled organic conditions.
  • No additives should be used with the raw materials during the manufacturing processes.
  • The sling should have a benign, non-chemical smell.
  • Detailed information should be available on the manufacturing process and materials
    used for any product purchased.
  • Ethical manufacturing processed should be followed.

How do I know whether a sling is the right choice for me?

For any active parent, whether at home, in the garden, in town, or in the great outdoors, it is nice to carry baby close, to share a whole range of activities and experiences together. At birth, during the “4th trimester” babies require constant care and a DIDYMOS sling/baby carrier keeps baby safe and secure

How do I recognise good quality?

Good quality can be felt and seen. The fabric should feel nice and soft. Double-rolled selvages ensure that your sling maintains its shape at all times, even after prolonged use. A good nose can also help to recognise good quality – a sling should not smell of any chemicals.
To determine whether chemicals have actually been used and whether a sling has been produced to a high standard of quality under fair working conditions, look into the product details:

  • Are the raw materials cultivated under controlled organic conditions?
  • Do the manufacturing process and the finished slings undergo regular checks by independent organisations or institutes?
  • How and where are the slings produced?

With quality comes longevity. A good baby carrier will be used for many years to come. With a DIDYMOS woven wrap, they can also be used as swings, hammocks, picnic blankets, climbing ropes in your children’s bedrooms, and so much more!

How do I find the right size?

An impressive feature of DIDYMOS woven wraps is that they can be tied in so many ways so that one carrier can be shared between several wearers of different shapes and sizes. When choosing the length of the sling, decide which carry position will be your preferred option and size the wrap accordingly. Carrying positions can be adjusted to accommodate secondary wearers. When sizing a ring sling, size for the largest person that will be using the carrier. Any extra length can be tied off for the smaller wearer. 


Which carrying position is right for me?

The best way to work out which carrying position is right for you and your child is to try out different positions. Certain carrying positions are only possible from a certain age and with a specific sling size. The Front Wrap Cross Carry with a woven wrap is the most recommended carrying position for newborns, offering complete support. Each DIDYMOS baby carrier comes complete with detailed tying/fastening instructions, with complete explanations and illustrations for all of the carrying positions developed by DIDYMOS.

What is the ideal sling made of?

Your sling should certainly be washable. Otherwise, you’re completely free to choose the fabric. The basic fabric for all DIDYMOS carriers is organic cotton, and is sometimes blended with other yarns, such as wool, cashmere, linen, or silk. One should select a carrier that appeals aesthetically, to make babywearing even more fun for all involved!